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Meet Dakota

Making a mark in the world step by step, human by human!

Dakota is a half Turkish half Finnish transgender man who was born in Switzerland but raised by Finnish war veterans in a small town in Finland. He was a child that never knew how to adapt to the roles of society. 


Dakota was different from others, which is why he had to learn how to connect with others despite the differences. This skills has led him successfully throughout his life and in today’s global and growing work environments, teams and society, his skills are necessary for survival and success.


The hard road allowed him to develop an emotional awareness that leads him to understand why people do what they do and what needs control their behaviour. His intersectional identity and living outside the norms taught him how to create a deeper connection to the environment and others, 

true belonging.


Today Dakota is well known as one of the most understanding, energetic and inspiring leaders who vibrates goodwill, confidence and passion for life. Now this unapologetic life enthusiast travels the world, educating diversity management, equality, human connections and inclusion. 

He has a lot of experience working with different kinds of professionals across Europe, including doctors, psychologists, schools, large international companies, nurses, politicians etc…


His superpower is understanding why people do what they do, and he puts his skill to good use by creating human connections and bringing people together. With his positive energy and endless intensity, Dakota will challenge you to live life fearlessly and inspire you to be who you truly are – without trying to fit in. Just do you, and let others do them!

Dakota also graduated to be an International Peace Educator and support person for transgender individuals and their families. 

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